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We are in a broad array of power generation technologies to solve your challenges in Kenya and the rest of Africa. We work in several areas of the energy industry, including renewable resources such as wind and solar, biogas and alternative fuels and oil. We also participate in lease financing of energy efficiency equipment and fittings.

RentCo adds value by flexible equity and debt transaction structures. It develops flexible financing options, and actively builds a domestic & international financing platform, in order to expand financing channels. It develops different financing strategies for different projects, achieving competitive financing costs.


Leasing Framework and Operations – Support for the Initiative

Our dedicated team of leasing experts helps businesses of all sizes drive growth by acquiring the assets they need to achieve their goals. We also offer manufacturers and resellers of energy equipment and industrial equipment tailored vendor finance programs designed to address the specific needs of their customers.

Our strong asset knowledge and industry know-how allow us to respond correctly to our customers’ requirements with the ability to handle residual risk. We are also able to execute in difficult and unusual markets – developing innovative solutions and structuring transactions beyond the capabilities of more traditional providers.


Customized financing to acquire any kind of energy production equipment.

In energy projects, we help in financing the investment in equipment. We also help in acquiring essential business assets whilst preserving the cash and liquidity you need to keep your business running smoothly.
RentCo purchases the equipment you need and sets up a finance or leasing agreement with the developer company. At the end of this agreement, the company may have the option of returning the equipment to us, replacing it with new equipment, or extending the agreement further or owning it.

Overall Benefits Enhance your customers’ purchasing power and help them invest in new technologies now, by leveraging our direct capital, fixed monthly payments and potential tax benefits.

We provide critical Energy sector expertise that allows developers to increase sales and empower them to meet targets and contracts.


  • Assets we finance
  • Renewable energy system components
  • Peaker system components
  • Batteries Inverters
  • Liquid storage systems
  • Grid-interaction software
  • Lighting systems