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RentCo East Africa Limited is a private limited company that started with the sole purpose of providing off and on balance financing through our tailored and customized leasing products to both the private and public sectors in Kenya and sub-Saharan Africa.

RentCo takes your asset pain away. Acquiring an asset needs you to look for money. Our solutions are superior to either cash or loans, with financing available from as soon as just 3 weeks.

We provide rental finance solutions directly to large and medium-size organizations through the development of vendor finance programs for all types of business assets in all sectors. This includes sectors such as retail(supermarkets), manufacturing, medical, education, mining, construction (malls and apartments), financial and more.

RentCo gives a solution that is tailored to work for you, taking into consideration
the industry you come from, and your current situation in perspective to what is
needed to qualify for financing.

Our clients come with different requirements and in different situations. We work hand in hand with you, helping you meet financing requirements and in the selection of the most optimal financing solution for your business.
We pride ourselves on the availability of our staff, who are ready to guide you through the financing process. Even on a tight schedule, we are ready to arrange
meetings at your premises for your convenience